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The First Steps:
In 2005, Bergies™ founder Jackie Bergman, began selling an amazing line of socks alongside another company they had helped build. Through the years, customers came to rely on stocking up on their favorite styles at various pop-up locations in and around NYC. With nonstop requests for more brands, Jackie could not deny the opportunity to bring smiles to shopper’s faces by founding Bergies LLC in 2011. Their goal was to supply as many quality styles, colors and textures in socks and slippers as possible to ensure everyone left their shops happy.
Fast Forward to 2014:
The assortment of products at Bergies™ had expanded to incorporate sock monkeys, blankets, games, and then some. With customer demand at an all-time high for more, more, more - it was difficult to please the growing crowds of sock fans in the small space allotted at Bergies™ seasonal shops; and there were constant requests for a better online store to include a wider array of options. Finally, some roots were set and the Bergies Shipping Station was born along with the launch of the new and improved
Our Mission:
Making people happy is what it’s all about - If that can be done by providing awesome products with great customer service then Bergies™ will be bringing a smile to many faces! Remember, this is just the beginning – our long term goal is to bring you all of your favorite sock brands, accessories, (or things we just can’t resist selling because they’re so awesome) in one customer orientated online store. Our service standards will stay strong as we work to grow and respond to the shifting times!
Who We Are:
Besides bringing joy to patrons across the globe, we also place a lot of value on the welfare of animals. Bergies™ is and always will remain a 100% vegan company. We also believe there's something seriously wrong with putting people in a box - especially when it comes to socks! This is why you will rarely see socks referred to as "men's" or "women's" or "boys" or "girls" on our site. Everyone deserves to express themselves with awesome socks without feeling weird during their shopping experience! Our priority of giving the world an enjoyable experience via outstanding customer care and quality materials stems from the founder’s upbringing. Loyalty, respect, integrity and a mule’s work ethic are at the base of Bergies™. By trademarking the family name, there are inherited traits fueling the brand to never take anything too seriously, always be your weirdo self, and be sure to laugh as much as physically possible. We’re open to your thoughts so never hesitate to reach out!

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