Seamless Crew Socks


$15.00 USD 


Truly seamless socks are essential for autistic, diabetic, arthritic or sensitive foot health and comfort. SmartKnit seamless socks are made for men and women using a patented knitting process much like how a cocoon is spun, starting at the toe and spinning upwards. The result is a sock free of seams that hugs the foot offering protection and comfort while reducing wrinkling and bunching.

These socks are made with high-tech anti-microbial and moisture wicking fibers that move moisture away, help inhibit odor or "stinky feet" and provide a comfortable coolness. This reduces the risk of infection, blister “hot spots” and other forms of skin irritation.

No more irritating or bulky bumps, lumps, wrinkles, folds, seams, indentations or elastic bands! Non-binding and form-fitting to prevent constriction to legs and feet. Great for anyone with sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity, nerve pain, circulation issues or who simply can’t stand annoying seams!

97.3% Polyester, 2.7% Lycra

Made in the USA

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